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Discover the world of PERON to enhance your car today

At Hendy Performance we want to help you get the most out of your vehicles, which is why we're extremely pleased to be offering a range of products from PERON. These parts come from a prestigious design house that fuses industry-leading manufacturer with incredible style and capabilities to be one of the best and most bespoke in automotive tuning.

We have become one of their main specialised dealers in the UK, offering exclusive pricing on the finest remapping services and access to the incredible associated hardware.

Just as we do, they understand that performance is not just about speed - they have designed their products to encourage a smooth, efficient, optimised and truly unique driving experience.

Explore the PERON range on our e-shop or get in touch with a member of our expert team to find out more.

Peron 3.5" Sports Cat Downpipe

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Peron High Flow Intake System

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Peron Stage 1+ (98 RON)

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Peron Stage 4 GTX Gen2 Turbo System

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