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Trackers now fitted at Hendy Performance

Here at Hendy Performance, we can now offer Trackers to protect your pride and joy.

These Trackers, which can be fitted on-site, may also bring down your insurance premium. TRACKER, the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist, provide the most effective way to protect your vehicle in the event of theft.

Vehicles are sometimes 'stolen to order', taken for vehicle parts or simply resold to unsuspecting buyers. In such an unfortunate event, you want to be sure your tracking system gives you the best chance of getting it back fast.

With TRACKER, you can avoid the inconvenience and upset that comes with car theft. TRACKER has been trusted for over 20 years and has a unique relationship with all UK police forces.

At Hendy Performance, you can protect your vehicle with TRACKER Locate. This is a ground-breaking system that could be said to be the ultimate defence against vehicle theft. It combines VHF with GPS and GSM technologies to make your vehicle as resilient as possible to attacks. If there's an attempt to jam the signal provided by this system, it will raise an alarm to TRACKER which can alert the police to the initial location of your stolen vehicle.

From here, the police can then employ the precision of very high frequency (VHF) technology to track your car to its exact location.

As well as this, when you purchase TRACKER Locate, you will also gain access to MyTRACKER, a bespoke website that offers a whole host of information about your vehicle, from alerts to a breakdown of your dashboard, journey playback and even a fuel expense report to show how much you're spending on your private and business journeys.

You can also download the TRACKER Touch app so you can keep an eye on your vehicle wherever you are. We would recommend half a day to fit the device for you - and only our team and you will know where it is fitted. Prices start from £550 for one year's subscription, and £800 for three years' worth of tracking - all prices exclude VAT.

Contact us for prices here: https://www.hendyperformance.co.uk/our-services/performance-upgrades