Request To See Your Data

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This form is for any person who wishes to apply for access to personal data held by Hendy Group. It has been designed to speed up the process of you request and provide the correct information you require.
Details of the data subject
Authority to release information A representative needs to obtain authority from the data subject before personal data can be released. The representative should obtain the data subject's permission, or provide a separate note of authority.
Details of the data required Please provide in as much detail as you can, about the personal data you are requesting and the format in which you require the information to be supplied (Electronic/Postal/Both)
Date Range Please specify if you require data from a specific date range (leave blank if no date range) Date from: Date to:
Declaration By submitting this form, I am confirming that the information which I have supplied in this application is correct, and I am the person to whom it relates or a representative acting on his/her behalf.

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